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      Wuxi Yuanmei Filtration and Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Technical Information

      After the gas filter is scrapped, how to replace it?

      Release date: 2020-11-17 15:19:44 Visits: 381

      The principle of the gas filter is very simple. It uses copper wire mesh to prevent the entry of mechanical impurities. When installing the filter, please install a filter at the inlet of the filter to allow the refrigerant to flow from the inside of the filter to the outside of the filter. In this way, the mechanical impurities in the refrigerant will be continuously filtered out and accumulated on the filter, and the housing of the filter usually has an indicator mark for the direction of the refrigerant flow. Everyone knows that the gas filter has its own use time, so how to replace it after it is scrapped?

      1. Remove the diffuser of the waste gas filter, loosen the fixed parts of the high-efficiency filter, remove the high-efficiency filter, check the static pressure box, fixed parts and panels for corrosion and loss. If rust is found, rust removal and rust removal are required. According to the specifications and quantity, a new type of high efficiency filter is used. Check whether the outer packaging of the steam filter is intact, the certificate of the gas filter should be complete, the frame should be strong and durable, and the filter paper should not be damaged. Clean and dry, and keep the inner packaging intact before installation.

      2. Change the surface speed, dust holding capacity and service life of the gas filter

      Surface speed and filtration speed: The ability to measure the amount of air in a steam filter is usually expressed in terms of surface speed and sometimes filtration speed. The two aspects of planar filters are the same. The surface velocity is the air velocity passing through the filter element, usually expressed in meters per second. Filtration speed refers to the air flow rate through the filter material area.

      Due to the different requirements for the gas filter, the area of the filter material set in the filter is also different, sometimes larger than the damaged area of the filter. Therefore, the filtration speed is less than the surface speed, usually expressed in seconds/minute or cm/second. The size of the filter is directly related to the performance of the filter. Excessive filtration speed will reduce purification efficiency and increase resistance. Therefore, in order to reduce the resistance, the filtration speed of the steam filter is usually small, and the area of the filter material is large.