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      Wuxi Yuanmei Filtration and Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Company News

      How to reduce the replacement cycle of filter element

      Release date: 2020-11-17 15:18:36 Visits: 219

      The general reasons for frequent replacement of filter elements are:

      (1) The quality of the raw water is unstable and fluctuates frequently, resulting in too much particulate matter entering the filter element and shortening the cycle;

      (2) The pretreatment operation effect is poor. The flocculants and scale inhibitors added in the pretreatment are not compatible with each other or do not match with the water source, and the formed sticky substance adheres to the surface of the filter element, resulting in a reduction in the effective filtration area of the filter element and replacement of the filter element frequently;

      (3) The quality of the filter element is not good. The inner and outer pore diameters of the poor quality filter element are basically the same. In fact, only the outer layer plays a role of interception, while the filter pore diameter of a good filter element is gradually reduced from the outside to the inside, and the filtration accuracy of the inner layer is 5±0.5. μm, the pollutant holding capacity is larger, and the long time can ensure the qualified water quality.

      Measures to extend the life cycle of filter elements:

      (1) The water source is generally a fixed water source and cannot be easily changed;

      (2) Improve the pretreatment operation effect, optimize the dosage of flocculants and coagulant aids, select scale inhibitors suitable for the water source, adjust the pretreatment equipment to achieve a better operating state, and strictly follow the operating procedures to ensure the quality of the pretreated effluent qualified;

      (3) Choosing a branded filter element with guaranteed quality can not only extend the life of the filter element, but also ensure the water quality of the security filter.

      For example, the GEOsmonics filter element has a filtration accuracy of 5±0.5μm. The new GEOsmonics Purtrex filter element using Z.Plex technology redefines all previous RO pretreatment performance and filter element construction standards. Z.Plex technology adopts short-diameter melt-blown filter element, wide layer spacing and a three-dimensional fiber matrix Purtrex filter element, which is especially suitable for water treatment applications, because the fine sand particles in water treatment applications can easily cause fouling of reverse osmosis equipment. This kind of filter element is unrivaled in terms of retaining water dirt, lower pressure loss, and longer service life than most similar filter elements. Under the unloaded shell of the filter element, the fibers and three-dimensional mesh form a variety of pores, which can effectively capture impurities. In the next filter layer, the number of small pores in the unique fiber structure of Z.Plex technology is increasing, reaching the center of the filter element, which can greatly improve the life of the filter element and the efficiency of sludge removal. For precise micron filtration, the inner core is the latter filter layer. The filter element is a hot-melt adhesive structure, which has unmatched integrity, downstream cleanliness and rigidity, and does not require a support core. Similarly, the highly penetrating adhesive outer coating is very smooth and can prevent loose fibers from moving, which is critical for applications with high purity requirements.