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      Wuxi Yuanmei Filtration and Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Company News

      Introduction of precision filter element

      Release date: 2020-11-17 14:52:03 Visits: 217

      The precision filter element is the heart of the filter, as the name implies, the filter element. The main principle of the filter element is also the main principle of the filter. It is the purification equipment needed to purify the original ecological resources and the reuse of resources. The filter element is generally used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industries. Removal of a small amount of impurities in the filter medium can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanness of the air. When the fluid passes through the filter element with a certain precision in the filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean fluid flows out through the filter element. The filter element is divided into: air filter element, water filter element, oil filter element according to the medium used. According to the material of the filter element, it is divided into: paper filter element, chemical fiber filter element, metal mesh filter element, metal powder sintered filter element, PP filter element, line gap filter element, activated carbon filter element and so on. The hydraulic system is divided into: suction filter element, pipeline filter element, and oil return filter element. The water filter element includes a wire wound filter element, a PP melt blown filter element, a folded filter element, a large flow filter element, and an activated carbon filter element.